Changing the Way We Evaluate Fibromyalgia

Claimants diagnosed with fibromyalgia have long faced an uphill battle due to the symptoms inherent in their disease.  For the most part, those symptoms included pain that was hard to explain. Many Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) took advantage of this fact and would deny claims based on fibromyalgia by finding that the plaintiff was not … Learn More

Can the Social Security Administration Investigate Claimant’s Online?

They aren’t supposed to.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) issued Policy Instruction AM-12053 in response to this question: Should adjudicators and reviewers use Internet sites and social media networks to obtain information about claimants to adjudicate cases? This Policy Instruction arises from an issue that we face more and more:  How can we be sure … Learn More

“Toxic Mold” and the Toxic Tort

Generally speaking, people are exposed to molds every day without adverse health effects. However, “toxic molds” can adversely affect human health through three processes: (1) allergy, (2) infection, and (3) toxicity. Health risks of toxic mold include allergies, respiratory issues, headaches, dizzy spells, neurological problems and in some cases, death.  Prolonged exposure to toxic mold … Learn More