Petersburg Police Officer Negligence – Part Two

Lawsuits against police officers are tough.  This is because Virginia law gives police officers qualified immunity from liability based on allegations of negligence.  As explained in Part 1 of our blog on police officer negligence, in this context “qualified immunity” means that the law shields a police officer from liability for acts of simple negligence, … Learn More

Petersburg Police Officer Negligence – Part One

Police officers have a fundamental duty to serve the public and to safeguard lives and property.  Generally speaking, Petersburg Police Officers do a great job satisfying this duty, and are a valued part of the Richmond / Petersburg community.  However, occasionally an officer fails in his duty and actually creates more harm than good.  In … Learn More

Will the Social Security Administration Let Me Work Part-Time?

As you probably already know, if you work full-time you are not eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits.  Step one in Social Security’s Five Step Sequential Evaluation (which is the framework for determining Social Security Disability Benefits) asks whether a claimant is employed in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA).  Conceptually this is easy for most of … Learn More