Do Petersburg’s Red Light Cameras Protect Drivers?

Red light cameras are a hot topic.  This is especially true in our community after the installation of 3 new red light cameras in the City of Petersburg.  These cameras are operating at the intersection of South Adams and Washington, and 2 intersections at Wagner and South Crater. Virginia Code Section 15.2-968.1 grants localities the … Learn More

Auto Accidents in Virginia

Car accidents are near daily part of our lives – we turn on the radio each morning to traffic news of accidents, fender benders, and lane closures that impacts our daily commute to and from work. So how many auto accidents are there in Virginia? Below is an infographic that we’ve created showing the number … Learn More

Cost Cutting at Nursing Homes Leaves Customer Care Lacking

There is a dangerous and growing trend in the nursing care industry that emphasizes profits at the expense of care.  Elderly abuse or neglect has been reported in one out of every three nursing homes in the United States. Why is this happening?  The rise in the cost of medical care has made nursing-home care … Learn More

Slowing Down US 460 in Petersburg, Virginia

Despite increased efforts to improve interstate safety, trucking related deaths and accidents continue to be a common occurrence in Petersburg and the surrounding communities.  Data released by the U.S. Department of Transportation suggests that truck deaths in large-truck crashes is on the rise: People Killed in Large-Truck Crashes Type 2009 2010 Change % Change Truck … Learn More