The Power of Punitive Damages – Drunk Driving in Virginia

  Did you know that drunk drivers can be liable for punitive damages?  They can. Compensatory and Exemplary Damages Let me take a step back; typically, an injured person can only claim compensatory damages from the person who injured them.  Compensatory damages are meant to make the injured party whole . . . to compensate … Learn More

Responsibility In a Trucking Accident

A truck accident can be a much more severe accident than your standard car accident. No matter the severity of a trucking accident, there are some things the average motorist should know. Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident Fault can lie in a number of places. While it is natural to point the finger … Learn More

Texting and Driving Statistics

Despite an increase in the amount and severity of distracted driving laws, texting and driving remains a serious problem for American commuters. In the infographic below, we highlight some of the shocking statistics concerning America’s bad habit. You can click the infographic below to see it in its full size.   America’s Bad Habit: Texting While Driving … Learn More