Malpractice: Gastrointestinal Perforations and Bowel Sepsis

Unfortunately Medical Malpractice happens every day.  We hear it often- “My [loved one] went into the hospital for a simple procedure and never came home.” At Cuthbert Law Offices, much of our time is devoted to medical malpractice litigation.  One common cause of medical malpractice lawsuits is doctor negligence that occurs during cases of intestinal … Learn More

Burn Injury Accidents

At Cuthbert Law Offices, our burn injury lawyers handle all kinds of burn related accidents.  Many of you might immediately think of the famous 1992 McDonald’s coffee case when you think of burn injury lawsuits.  (Liebeck vs. McDonalds). However, burn injury accidents come in all shapes and sizes. The Various Types of Burn Injuries They include … Learn More

Trucking Accident on I-295 in Virginia

Truck accidents are surprisingly common.  Unfortunately, less than one month after we posted our last blog on truck driver fatigue, we got news of a double fatality on I-295.  The accident occurred at approximately 8:00pm in Prince George County, approximately 12 miles from our Petersburg office. The crash involved a collision between a Volvo and … Learn More