Stay Out of the Middle Lane on U.S. Route 460

Let’s discuss another avoidable tragedy that occurred over the weekend.  A Petersburg man was killed Monday morning when a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction came into his lane and struck his vehicle head-on.

Although the “wrong-way” crash happened in Dinwiddie, my thoughts immediately turned to the piece of U.S. Route 460 running from Fort Lee to Sussex County which is infamous for fatalities.  Those of us who live in this community know that U.S. Route 460 is one of the most dangerous roads in the state.  This is because parts of U.S. Route 460 are a long, straight, 4 lane roadways with no dividers.  Even in the day light, it is dangerous to drive in the middle lane . . . inches from oncoming traffic.  All it takes is one inattentive driver, one text message, one daydream, for a driver to cross that double yellow line and to slam head first into oncoming traffic.  The combined speeds of a head on collision are deadly.

What’s The Take Away Here?

  1. Stay out of the middle lane on 460.
  2. If you must pass a vehicle in the right lane BE CAREFUL.
  3. Drive defensively.

Injured In a Crash? Contact Cuthbert Law Offices

At Cuthbert Law Offices, we have handled multiple cases involving fatalities resulting from accidents occurring on U.S. Route 460.  If you or a loved one has been injured on U.S. Route 460, give us a call.  (804-733-3100). That’s why we are here.